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Caramelized walnut leaves

Caramelized walnut leaves

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Caramelize the 15 tablespoons of sugar over low heat

Put the butter over the caramelized sugar until it melts

The 6 whole eggs are beaten well with 300 g of sugar

The walnut is ground or finely chopped (it can be fried to give a great aroma)

When the butter is melted in the caramel, add the ground walnuts and mix well, then add the beaten eggs with the sugar, vanilla and mix well on the fire for about 5-7 minutes until it binds very well, depending on the fire.

Leave to cool and then fill the sheets with the resulting cream.

Put a sheet of cream and a sheet and cream ............... I put 6 sheets and 5 cream

On top I put a little jam and chocolate, it can be put from the composition of cream or coconut ..............