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Homemade bread

Homemade bread

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Put 25 ml of warm water in a bowl, put the yeast and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Put in a bowl 100 ml of water, sugar, salt, oil and egg. Then mix well with a spoon and add the yeast. Mix everything and start adding 350 g of sifted flour and mix with a spoon. Leave the dough to rise for an hour. After that, we put the rest of the flour on the table, we spread it and we put the dough over the flour and we start to knead until there is no flour left. Form a bagel, put baking paper in the tray and put the bagel. We make some cuts on top of the bagel and leave it for another 15-20 minutes. After that, grease the bread with a little water and put it in the preheated oven at 180 °. Put the bread in the oven for about an hour. Then wrap the bread in a towel for 10-15 minutes.


Homemade bread with caramelized onions

Until recently, I just bought it, I admit. I didn't know it was so good at home. Ah, it's actually much better, fluffier, more flavorful than the one in the trade. It disappeared so quickly that next time I do two directly instead of one!

Start, of course, with the caramelized onion. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over medium to high heat. Lightly sauté the onion for 5 minutes, until soft. Reduce the heat to medium to low and let the onion (stirring occasionally not to burn or stick) turn golden. Season with salt (if you want it to be a little sweeter you can add half a teaspoon of caster sugar) and set aside to cool.

In a large bowl, mix the flour with the salt. Dissolve the fresh yeast in lukewarm water and add it over the flour. Mix everything well and then add the caramelized onions and green onion leaves. Knead well until the dough becomes fluffy and comes off the edge of the bowl. Cover it with a clean kitchen towel and let it rise for about 1 hour & # 8211 should it double.

Preheat the oven to 240 degrees Celsius 30 minutes before baking. Put the dough in a non-stick pan (rectangular, round, as you wish it is ok).

When you put it in the oven, pour a glass of water into the pan of the stove - which must be positioned on the lowest step, under the grill on which you put the bread. Thus, due to the steam that will form, the bread will be fluffy and not sticky. Bake the bread for 25-30 minutes, until the dough remains on the toothpick.

If you want, you can unleash your imagination and add extra sesame, cumin, baked and finely chopped red peppers (as we did), etc.

Other tips to get your bread good

The place where you prepare bread must be thermally comfortable, but not very warm.

The flour and ingredients must be kept in this environment before the preparation begins, so that they all have the same temperature.

The yeast must be raised separately before placing it in the basic bread mixture. The fermentation process, which makes the bread rise, will continue during kneading. The yeast should not come in contact with salt, it always dissolves with a little sugar, or if you want to completely avoid sugar with lukewarm milk or warm water and a little flour.

The yeast must be stirred to rise for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes even 30. It is ready when it forms air gaps and doubles its volume. It all depends on the type of yeast and its quality. Do not put more yeast than the recipe says. the bread will taste unpleasant or have large holes inside.

Kneading is the most important operation. It must be made correctly, round, with equal pressure, until the dough changes its texture (gluten chains are formed). If at first it is sticky and harder, gradually by kneading it becomes elastic and compact, so that it comes off completely from the hand and no longer sticks.

The oil is added at the end of kneading and is not mandatory. Its role is not to stick the dough to your hands and not to exceed the amount of flour you would use to shape it.

The dough should be allowed to rise in two stages, after kneading and after being placed in the tray.

The trays should be at room temperature.

Do not overfill the tray, as it will come out during baking.

Bake the bread dough in the hot oven (not hot) over low heat.

In the dough you can put seeds, dried herbs, pieces of olives & # 8211 all s epot add at the end of the kneading process, or very well drained and drained onion that spreads on the bread dough, then roll like a cake and knead superficially several times before placing it in the tray.

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My bread looks good. I do as in the text but the next day it shatters.
Why ? I made the dough wetter, harder, more raised, less raised. It's about the same. I skimbat flour & # 8230.
Where am I wrong ? I guess the quality of the flour is to blame.

The bread crumbs are crushed, not well bound, because the dough is not well kneaded and not kneaded enough. Of course, the quality of the flour also matters a lot. At 1 kg of flour I put 50 gr of fresh yeast, warm water about 500 or 600 ml, a tablespoon of sugar, salt 2 teaspoons, and oil I put about 2 or 3 fists (as far as the case goes palm). So, put the flour in the kneading bowl, make the hole in the middle, where you put the crushed yeast plus the sugar, and add warm water about 100 ml, mix with your fingers a little, and leave until it swells, then add gradually warm water and salt, and knead by hand until well incorporated, then put a handful of oil, knead after each, and only now begins the real kneading, which should last an hour. Press the dough with your fist, then fold it, bringing it from the side to the center, then grab it in your palm and lift it, leave it, and catch it and lift it, so many times, imagine. spoon the composition of the cake top, from bottom to top, is the same, but without the spoon, and with the palm & # 8230, in this way the dough incorporates air. Then press it again with your fist, fold it, lift it, and so on for an hour & # 8230, at the end you will notice that it does not stick to your hand. The oil is put at the beginning and not at the end. After you have finished kneading, give it a round shape in the kneading bowl, cover it and leave it to rise until it increases its volume three times & # 8230, then knead it a little more, put it on the table greased with a little oil, grease it and your hands, and you try with your hands to make it like a ball, bringing the dough from the sides to the middle, but underneath, and when you have shaped it, you place it in the baking dish, which you have previously greased with a little oil and you put baking paper & # 8230, cover it, and leave it to rise until it doubles in volume. Before putting it in the oven, grease it with a little oil. Then put the pan in the oven, at the right heat, and let it bake for about an hour and 15 minutes. The oven should be turned on about half an hour before. When it is ready to cook, take it out of the pan, and sprinkle it with cold water on the whole surface, put it on a grill, cover it with a light cloth, and leave it to cool. When you buy flour, look that it must be special for bread and bakery products, and if not, the one with 000 is good. If you don't have fresh yeast, you can also put a sachet of half a kg of flour. I hope I can help you! So, the dough should be well kneaded, and an hour for a kg of flour. The fire must be appropriate, and the same from beginning to end. The thick crust comes out when the fire is small, and so the bread has to stay longer in the ler until it is finished baking. I make bread every week, it comes out well grown, well baked, golden crust, not burnt, light, if I hit it with my finger, it sounds empty & # 8230, my husband is delighted! It's just as good when you start it, but even after 4 days & # 8230, that's how long the bread lasts for us & # 8230 to make good bread come out!

The bread crumbles because the dough is not well kneaded and not enough! At 1 kg of flour, put 50 gr of fresh yeast, 1 tablespoon of sugar for mayonnaise, salt 2 teaspoons, about 500, 600 ml of warm water, and I put about 100 ml of oil in two tranches & # 8230, so put the flour in the kneading bowl, make a hole in the middle, put the crushed yeast + sugar + 100 warm water, mix and let it swell & # 8230, then put salt over the flour and start to put water gradually and mix until smooth, then put the oil in 2 tranches, kneading until it incorporates well in the dough & # 8230, everything has to last about 5 minutes & # 8230, and only now you start to knead & # 8230, you put your watch next to you, and you calculate 1 hour of kneading & # 8230, if you make half an amount, then reduce the time to 30 min & # 8230 Start and press the dough with your fist, then fold it, bringing the sides to the center, then lift it, catching it between the palm and the 4 fingers (this way air is incorporated), then again with the fist , folded, raised from the bottom up with the palm, and so on for an hour, no less & # 8230, l finally you will see that it no longer sticks to the hand. Then shape it into a round shape in the kneading vessel, do not take it out during kneading, cover it and leave it to rise until it triples in volume. After this time, knead it a little more, 4, 5 minutes, put a little oil on the table, grease your hands, and give it the shape of a ball, inserting the sides, underneath to the center & # 8230, the consistency of the dough is quite soft , then put it in the form of baking, which was greased with a little oil and put baking paper on the bottom of the pan, the oil is so that the paper does not leak, cover it and leave it to rise until it doubles in volume, grease it with a little oil on top , and put it on the fire for 1 hour and 15 minutes & # 8230, the fire remains the same from beginning to end. When it's ready, take it out of the pan, and so hot soak it all over the surface, including the bottom, with cold water, burn a little but pass, then put it on a grill, cover it on top with a light cloth, and leave it to cool. . I make it from 1 kg of flour, and it lasts about 4 days & # 8230, it is as good on the first day as on the last. If you make it in half, then the baking time is reduced to 30, 40 minutes. There is a good, tasty fff bread, with the core tied, golden crust, light, when you hit it with your finger, it sounds empty & # 8230, it's worth the effort! The bread comes out with a thick crust if it is baked over a low heat, and for a longer time. I tell you all this from my own experience. The bread dough has fixed amounts of flour and yeast & # 8230, sugar is optional, salt is added to taste, and oil, if you want chicken, if not, nothing happens, only the oil makes it a little fluffier & # 8230! So, the bread must be kneaded well and for a long time, that's the whole secret! I hope I can help you! Good bread for you! Ah, and something else & # 8230, after you put the dough in the pan for the second leavening, then you start the fire in the oven, which must be suitable and the same for the whole baking period.